Air Plant Introduction Guide

Although not so new on the European market, airplants are gaining more momentum recently.They seem to be a perfect choice for busy nature lovers who want to add greenness to their interior but who often struggle to keep plants alive for a longer period of time.

So what is so special about these plants?:)

  • They don’t need soil to thrive! Air plants absorb their nutrients and water from the air, through their porous leaves. All they need is a bit of water - we recommend  spraying them  2-3 times per week.
  • They clean the air and add humidity to your interior by giving off more water to the atmosphere than they absorb.  An improved humidity level is very important for your health since viruses thrive in dry air,  especially during cold winter months.
  • They love beautiful design. The rootless nature of airplants gives a lot of possibilities on how to display air plants in your interior. Our main collection of holders made from wood is inspired by their natural environment where they attach themselves on trees.
  • Children and cats love them!
  • They have a good price . Air plants are not more expensive than cut flowers and they last much longer!