Airplants & Wellness

One of the reasons that we adore airplants is that they naturally contribute to our well-being :) 

First of all, plants clean the air through photosynthesis. They take carbon dioxide - a major indoor pollutant, produced by human respiration - and return oxygen to the air. More oxygen in the air will increase your focus and effectiveness especially if you place airplants in your workspace! Studies conducted by NASA also show that some airplant species can remove toxins from the air.

Secondly, even though airplants absorb moisture from the air they still give off more water to the atmosphere than they absorb.  An Improved humidity level is very important for your health. Viruses thrive in dry air especially during cold winter months.  Dry air also contributes to skin irritations, itchy eyes, and can cause respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, nose bleeds and overall dehydration.

Stress is a normal and natural part of everyday life. With busy schedules it is difficult to  find time to spend in nature. Creating your indoor garden can help  to naturally alleviate stress and the main advantage of airplants is that they are easy to take care of especially if you travel frequently!! Don't wait! Create your own Zen Airplant Space :)